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  1. any tips on training a dog to stop mounting other dogs. I’m unsucessfully trying to use time outs, but we only goto the dog park every 2 weeks so practice is limited.

  2. Great blog, very funny – and true. May I have permission to re-print this in our local not-for-profit voluntary training club newsletter in order to hearten a few of our triallers please? Of course full credit would go to Team Unruly with a web link. Thank you, Michele Martin

    • Hi Michele,

      You’re very welcome to do that, and thanks: I’m so glad you liked the piece! Our policy for reprints is this:

      1) You’re welcome to reprint as long as it’s in a non-profit capacity (i.e you’re not making money off the publication)

      2) We’d like you to credit the writing both to the author and to the blog, and would ask that you include a URL (so, in this case, you’d credit the piece as ‘by Kelsey from Team Unruly, http://www.teamunruly.com‘)

      3) Please don’t line-edit the text; we’d prefer to have things reprinted in their entirety, but if you have space concerns and need to shorten any piece by eliminating a section, please make it clear you’re doing that with a [...]

      If you are OK with these three things, reprint away! And thanks :)

  3. A question about the signature K9DIY. it’s two parts, K9 and DIY make sense but the form is that of FCC-issued Amateur Radio Licenses and may not be legal to use unless you are an amateur.

    • Hi John. I literally have no idea what you’re referring to here. K9 = Canine, DIY = “do it yourself”. It has nothing to do with radio licenses at all.

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