Dom, Herbie, and Julio

Meet Me:  My name is Dom and I’m an internet addict from the under-appreciated state of New Jersey.

I am a free lance horse trainer and distance rider. In 2011, I started my own horse training business, specializing in starting young horses and rehabbing ‘problem horses’. I currently own two horses of my own and spend most of my days riding, riding, riding.

While I am primarily a horse trainer, I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. While I was surrounded by dogs as a toddler, I didn’t have one of my own until after I graduated college, when Herbie dropped into my lap. These days, I own two dogs and help rescue, socialize, and place more sato puppies than I can keep up with!

Outside of horses and dogs, I am an ex-sailor, current photographer, part-time vet tech (at a low cost feline spay/neuter clinic) and avid blogger with a big sense of adventure and a deep love of the outdoors.

Meet Herbie: Herbie is my ferocious white pit bull. She joined my family at the beginning of 2011 as a six week bundle of wrinkles and extra skin.

Herbie got off to a rough start as a stray Trenton Terrier. At three weeks old she was emaciated, covered in fleas, and so hungry that she got into something toxic at the shelter. The seizures that resulted landed her at the clinic where a friend of mine was a vet. After working tirelessly to save the bag of bones, my friend took her home and rescued her. Her then-13-year-old son fittingly named her Herbie the Love Bug.

In January 2011, I convinced my roommate to puppy sit while my friend went on vacation. Super predictably, Herbie never went home.

Since then, Herbie has grown into a beautiful and loyal dog. She is always up for an adventure and is probably the bravest dog I’ve ever met. This pampered pooch lives the good life and is almost always at my side.

You may recognize her from this viral youtube video:

Meet Julio: Julio appeared in my life in July 2013, well after Team Unruly was ‘on the air’, and much of his story can be found here on the TU blog.
Our neighbor saw Julio get dumped out of a van at a local boat launch, and called to ask if we had room for one more foster. I told him no, but at the end of the day, our bleeding hearts won out and Julio came to stay ‘for the night’.
The big (70+ lb.) dog turned out to be the sweetest thing I’d ever met, and it wasn’t long before we officially decided to keep him. Just like that, we became a two-dog family.
Julio had led a sad and sheltered life before we got him, and every new experience is cause for celebration and joy. We are still working to overcome some gaps in his early training, but he tries hard to please, and it’s impossible to stay mad at him when he makes those big, sad eyes at us while wagging just the end of his tail.

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