Rebecca & Cerberus

This is me! Alongside my saint-like husband, who supports me in all that I do, even the crazy dog stuff.

Meet Me: Hi! I’m Rebecca, bulldog-tamer extraordinaire – except not really, and that’s how I got involved with Team Unruly. Cerberus is my first dog – the first dog to belong to me, that is, and not to my family. I had long been interested in bully breeds and the world of dog shows and competitions, so when it came time to get a dog I chose to get a UKC-registered American Bulldog so I could check out “this whole dog show thing.” Three years later, I can’t imagine not being involved in this crazy hobby lifestyle.

I’m a PhD student at a large state university here in Michigan, and I live in a little house in the middle of a large city. In that house, you will find my husband Jason (also a PhD student), Abbas the ocicat, Gamba the rescue-cat and, of course, Cerberus. I’m currently preparing to add a second dog to our household, but I’m still in the early researching stages and haven’t settled on a breeder yet.


Too sexy for this leash.

Meet Cerberus: Ah, the star of the show. Cerberus is an American Bulldog. He was born 9/27/09. His registered name is Jemm’s Twelfth Task.

Actually, at this point his full name is RBIMBS UWPCH GRCH ‘PR’ Jemm’s Twelfth Task, PH, CGC, TT. That’s a lot of alphabet soup for a young dog! We compete with Cerb in the UKC because the American Bulldog is not currently recognized by the AKC. I really enjoy the UKC’s beginner-friendly atmosphere and their emphasis on the “Total Dog”, a dog who can compete not only in the show ring but can also perform in other events.

Baby Cerb and Abbas

Once, he was a Very Small Bulldog.

I’m a big believer in the saying “You don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need.” I needed Cerb. Without him, without the challenges he presented, I would never have learned about positive reinforcement training. I would never have met the amazing people of the UKC, my supportive and helpful breeder, or the bombastic Team Unruly. I would never have been pushed or stretched beyond what I thought were my limits. It hasn’t been easy; as he went through puppy-puberty, Cerb started showing signs of dog-reactivity and that scared me, so instead of working through it, I didn’t allow him around other dogs anymore. Our current quest is to work through his reactivity and help him achieve the great things of which I know he’s capable. He is the happiest, goofiest, most exuberant dog I could hope for and working with him is a great pleasure.

Cerberus competes in UKC Weight Pull and Conformation. We’re currently working towards his UKC Rally Novice title. When he’s not training, he can be found on the floor next to my desk, farting peacefully in his sleep.

Like an angel. A sleepy, farty angel.

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