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So, what is this?

“Team Unruly” is a ragtag band of heroes group of friends who met through dog-lover communities on LiveJournal. The name was originally coined because a few of the members enjoyed mucking about in the local photography community, but the group grew to include many others. Our common bond is that we all love our dogs and love to train with them; if you can teach a dog to do it, someone in our group probably has. We do weight-pull, agility, rally and formal obedience, flyball, search-and-rescue, therapy and assistance work, herding, nosework, dock-jumping, treibball – the list goes on!

The purpose of this site is to share with you our trials and tribulations. Some of us train for the sheer joy of working with our dogs. Some of us travel long distances to compete against other teams. Some of us just really like learning about training methods, dog sports and dog history and are happy to sit on the couch with our four-legged (or three-legged, in some cases) best friends. What brings us all together is the desire for others to see that there’s a huge world of possibilities out there for dogs and the people who love them. Training your dog doesn’t end at “come, sit, stay.” That’s barely the beginning!

Please bear with us as we learn the WordPress ropes, get everything set up and start posting. Between the lot of us, there should be plenty of cute dogs, wonderful photos, exciting activities and different perspectives to keep you coming back for more!

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  1. Hi! I’m fairly new to blogging (and WordPress) myself. I started my blog in mid 2010, but I maintain it for myself mostly. I’m not a writer, so I’m not trying to get noticed by publishing firms. I just love my dogs — and animals in general — and enjoy sharing my moments with them with my friends, old and new. If you’re interested, my blogs are at: http://www.samsnortherngirl.wordpress.com and http://www.obedience trainingjournal.wordpress.com. I would love to have your take on my posts.

  2. Hi my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Henry is a rescue. He was around a lot of cats before we got him, he even washes his face like a cat. However we ran into an issue with our adorable little Henry…..he started scratching up the drywall while we were at work. I should mention we have two cavaliers both rescues, Charlotte keeps him company….she is just amused by Henry! Anyway I would like to share that we found a solution!!! A scratching post keeps him busy and he can can climb up on it and play! It’s been a wonderful thing for him & a life savor for us!!!

  3. Geez…..I wish you had an edit button…..Callie the writer needs it…..lol…..make that a life saver instead of savor.

  4. 1. Do you always edit the replies?

    2. In the making of the tug toys you refer to the knot as a “slip” knot. It is “an overhand” knot. (Edit back to ya)

    3. I like your photos: Lear and appropriate for the steps.

    4. P.S. Pulling on the paired strips alternately till they won’t tighten any more gets a tighter tug than pulling on four at a time.

    5. Doing all four strips at atoms for layout is confusing. Lay over one loop and work your way around is another technique, and you don’t have to worry about four open loops.
    John (ex Explorer Scout and U. S. Coast Guard)

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