Product Review: Fetch-A-Passion Pet ID Tags

Recently, I decided that Jax needed an ID tag. He had been wearing a cheap generic one I had purchased from a random eBay store that simply had my name and number on it. My plan with these “bulk” tags was for me to put one on every collar I owned because I hate dealing with those rings, and every clip I bought that would allow me to have interchangeable tags for my collection of collars always broke. I lost a few nicer ID tags that way.

I had my eye on a couple more expensive tags, more popular tags, but I kept looking. I wanted something unique, but I didn’t want to spend and arm-and-a-leg for it, either.

While browsing Etsy one night, I found Fetch-A-Passion Tags. And, while browsing their store, I fell in love with the look of their tags. So, I took the chance. I bought one.

Photo (c) Fetch-A-Passion Tags

I decided on their PrehiSTARic tag. I adored the distressed look of the brass, and fell in love with the look of the tag over-all. They have several other designs to choose from, and it was such a hard decision.

What’s also nice about these tags is that you can personalize them – you can choose between different fonts, different charms, and different symbols. Jax’s came in all lower case, with the heart with wings symbol, and a swirly-type charm.

Jax’s tag from Fetch-A-Passion Tags

When Jax’s tag came, I was thrilled with it. I loved that the heart shape of the tag wasn’t overly or obviously heart-shapped – I am girly sometimes, but not overly-girly, and Jax is a boy-dog. His name is on the front, and my phone number on the back.

My only complaint about the Etsy store is that I ordered the tag on July 11th, they shipped the tag on July 12th (fast turn-around!), and I received the tag on July 30th. However, I am located in Detroit, MI, and Fetch-A-Passion is located in Quebec, Canada. Lynn & Natacha, the owners of Fetch-A-Passion were very good in their communication – when I sent them a message expressing my concern for not receiving the tag, they explained that the hold-up could be with Customs and they assured me that I would receive my tag soon.

In short, I will most definitely be ordering another tag for my next dog from them, even taking into account the long turn-around time with Customs!

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  1. I’ve had wonderful experiences with Fetch-a-Passion! Monster has had two tags from them, and while one was lost prematurely on a hike, the other is still alive and kicking, albeit a little filthy. Because of her unique markings and tripawd status, I have her name, my cell and work #’s as well as Special Needs on all of her ID. The girls at Fetch were happy to redesign and fiddle with my tags until they came out perfect. When I lost my first tag and reordered with them, they sent me a little freebie whistle. They are quick to respond and professional and warm, and very talented ladies! I live in Vancouver, BC so my tags were here within a week of ordering them. What I love most about this company is how many styles and options they offer for tags. Being able to put a charm on, or a design makes these tags cute, funky and very unique. I am a big fan of Fetch-a-Passion! Yay Canada. :)

  2. I had the opposite experience with this company. The ID tag I ordered, $25 plus shipping is not legible on the back where my phone number is. The 4 on the tag is virtually non existent and the small charm that is supposed to rotate on the ring is stuck in one section of the ring since the hole they threaded it through is too small. When the designers were contacted by the website owner I ordered from they literally told me to take a black marker to color in the numbers! And that they would send me a thinner ring so the charm would hang properly but they stopped using them since they were not very strong and could break… I have to throw the tag away and get my little guy another ID tag since the sole purpose of a dog tag is to help return your beloved pet to you is ever lost.

  3. I ordered a cute custom tag on 4/14/2015. After contacting them several times about my tag taking so long to arrive I finally received it on 5/30/2015. I understand it comes from Canada, but over a month?
    So I put it on my dogs collar(her name on it is a litter smaller than I thought, hard to see) and today it broke and the little paw charm is lost. Sad, less than 24 hours .

  4. I to have ordered 2 ID tags they take a long time to come .
    Ordered on the 26th of February recived a email saying on its way still waiting.7th April.

  5. I have also ordered 2 tags for my dogs two month ago and I am still waiting. Send out an email but did not get a reply back. I can also not find them on FB no more

  6. I have not had a good experience with Fetch-A-Passion tags.
    I placed an order with them through Etsy on Apr 3rd. They sent me an email saying it was shipped May 8th and due to international shipping it could take up to 21 days or longer. It is now July 20th and have never received the tag for my dog. I have emailed Fetch-A-Passion twice and recevied an automated response indicating they are closed.
    I tried to file a complaint with Etsy and cannot find anywhere on the site to be able to do this.
    Can or does anyone know this place and how I can get my money back.
    I WOULD NOT recommend buying from them.

  7. Don, I had the same exact problem. I received a message stating my items shipped months ago and have yet to receive anything. I also received the automated closed message but I was able to open a case with Etsy that I have now escalated to the Trust & Safety team for Etsy to review. I will see where this leads and if I get a full refund.

    • I hope you got refunded, I ordered a tag months ago and when I tried finding their facebook, instagram, and messaged them on Etsy, I never got a reply.
      I finally spoke to Etsy and THEY personally refunded because lo and behold, they are banned from selling on Etsy, I wonder why!!

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